Catherine Sandwell-Meyer, 2. Dan

Catherine first started doing karate in 2000. After training at a Shotokan club for 3 years, she switched to Goju-Ryu and obtained her black belt at her local club in 2004.


While at university, she explored other martial arts, including Aikido and Wing Chun Kung Fu, before joining DKK in 2010.


In 2011, she moved to Switzerland, where she trained at a Wado-Ryu club (and met her husband), but she continued to attend DKK Summer School. After three years, she moved back to London and badged over to DKK, attaining her full DKK Shodan in 2016.


In 2019, she completed the 30-Man Kumite and was awarded her Nidan.


She continues to train with DKK London remote and now also teaches DKK Schweiz.

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